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Adventure & Wildlife Travel

Hike through Costa Rica’s cloud rainforest as howler monkeys swing from the treetops, scuba dive among manta rays and kaleidoscopic coral at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, track cheetahs across the windswept savannah on an unforgettable safari deep into the African bush—and more.

Whatever heart-pumping, soul-stirring journey you’re after, we’ll tap our trusted in-destination guides and adventure outfitters to take you further than you ever thought possible. Travel deep into remote landscapes, explore unique ecosystems not found anywhere else on earth, and spy elusive wildlife on a safe and sustainable adventure of a lifetime.

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Cultural Journeys

Discover what makes a destination so distinct on a culture-packed journey tailored to your passions. Whenever possible, we’ll connect you with locals who are thrilled to reveal their customs and traditions with you. Meet indigenous tribes, take part in community festivals, paint with artists in their studios, or cook up traditional recipes during a home stay with a welcoming local family.

Our relationships with passionate guides and home-grown experts allow you to revel in the rhythm of a destination’s daily life—and skip the typical tourist traps. Dive into an authentic exploration of a place’s culinary heritage, history, art, architecture, and more on your very own immersive cultural escape.

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Honeymoons & Romance

Escaping on a special just-for-two journey? Then it’s time to amp up the romance. We’ll pair you with boutique hotels and resorts that prioritize intimacy, privacy, and a touch of luxe, so you can unwind together at a hand-picked property that’s a destination in and of itself.

We’ll round out your stay with private experiences tailored to your interests, while slowing down the pace so you can relax and simply enjoy one another’s company. Like with every WGT escape, expect immersive excursions that showcase the real hidden gems of your destination. And if you want to splurge on an ultra-romantic outing—private candlelit dinner on a golden beach in Zanzibar, anyone?—we’ve got you covered.

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Expedition Cruises

Crowded pool decks, bland buffets, and wet t-shirt contests? Not on this cruise. Set what you think you know about cruising aside as you embark on an overwater expedition that prioritizes intimate discovery. Nimble, specially equipped expedition cruise ships sail you to some of the last truly wild places on earth, often inaccessible by land.

From iceberg-studded Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands teeming with marine life, Alaska’s rugged Inside Passage to French Polynesia’s impossibly blue lagoons, get ready to explore unbounded. On-board naturalists, zodiac excursions, and guided hikes and cycling quests make discovery easier than ever. This is adventure, all included.

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