Our Mission

To give you the confidence to go off the beaten path—because you’ve got experts here to support you on every step of your journey. When so many of the world’s tourist sites are overcrowded, once-great destinations oversaturated, and ecologically delicate landscapes overexposed, it can be hard to believe there are still “hidden gems” out there worth discovering.

But there are—and we help you find them. Our team’s extensive personal travel experience + far-reaching network of outstanding travel partners adds up to a profound, intimate journey that brims over with authentic discovery.


Hi, I’m Kristin Winkaffe

I founded Winkaffe Global Travel to give more travelers access—access to under-the-radar treasures, access to new ways of seeing old tourist favorites, and access to luxury travel you can feel good about. 

My Story

Even before founding WGT, my work—and downtime—centered around travel. Through my career in international development and human rights, I’ve traveled to Africa and South America. And when burn out sent me packing my suitcase, I caught trains across Europe, taught English for a year in Peru, roadtripped throughout the U.S., and backpacked through Asia.

The result of my extensive, off-the-beaten-path travels (55+ countries and counting!)? I’ve learned that there is so much more to see out there than what’s on the latest “top 10” list. For example, yes, definitely go experience the epic sunsets in Santorini—but also go stay on lesser-known Milos, where more than 80 beaches ring the island, each more unbelievable than the last. Explore sun-bleached, lunar-like cliffs and ochre-colored rocks carved out of a volcanic landscape. It’s just breathtaking.

(Oh, and a bonus? No army of selfie sticks to compete with!).

Your Shortcut to Travel That’s Worth It

What can I say? I’ve always been up for adventure. Especially if it gets me out of my comfort zone and as far away from an office desk as possible. And with my human rights background, I always aim to find the places and partners who are committed to preserving the destinations I visit—and cultures I encounter—for years to come.

Our team would be honored to help you do the same. We know what’s worth seeing—and how to get you there, safely and confidently—thanks to our access to and relationships with incredible travel partners. After a lifetime of adventures and years of professional travel planning, you can trust us to design a journey that makes the absolute most of your investment. 

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A Few of My Favorite ADVENTURES

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Summiting mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro and then sinking my toes into the powdery white-sand beach in Zanzibar


Seeing the sky lit up with more stars than you can imagine in San Pedro de Atacama, followed by wine tastings in the gorgeous Casablanca Valley


Eating my way through the delectable and varied cuisine of Penang, and immersing myself in authentic Malay life in Bentong


Dining high above the trees in the Monteverde Cloud Forest, jet skiing through Manuel Antonio National Park, and spying sloths in the wild


Indulging in a many-hour wine tasting while overlooking idyllic rolling hills, with the owner of the family vineyard as our personal sommelier and tasting companion




Costa Rica


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