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Our Sustainable Travel Commitment

At Winkaffe Global Travel, we care deeply about the communities around the globe who share their unique way of life—and their ecosystems—with our clients. That’s why sustainability and responsible tourism is on our minds with every trip we plan.

What does it mean for you? It means more authenticity, discovery, and intimacy. It means eschewing crowded tour buses and emissions-belching mega cruise ships for private, local-led experiences. It means touring your destination with homegrown guides, staying in boutique hotels where even the building materials themselves speak of the land, and seeking out the unique wherever you go.

Here’s how we’ll take a sustainable stance toward building your trip:

do good, vacation better

Protect the Natural Environment

We want the dazzling destinations we send you to to dazzle for decades to come. That’s why we choose our partners and properties carefully, with an eye toward those who’ve opted for sustainable practices that minimize your ecological footprint.

Want to do more than “minimize” your impact on your escape? We can infuse your itinerary with hands-on experiences in habitat restoration or wildlife conservation—pairing you with vetted organizations that we know are committed to their communities and the welfare of the creatures they protect.

Major Discoveries, Minimal Footprint

Celebrate Local Cultures and Customs

With globalization gobbling up whole city blocks, we want to show you the places that still feel distinct—vibrant villages, towns, and neighborhoods that can’t be found anywhere else. Because why travel halfway across the world to see and stay in a spot that just reminds you of home?

And—here’s the most important part—we want you to see it all through a local’s eyes. Immerse yourself in a different way of life with local guides, artists, chefs, and craftspeople who are preserving time-honored traditions for new generations. Our thoughtfully crafted journeys promote meaningful cultural exchange through home stays, local-led tours, and visits to indigenous communities.

Distinct Destinations

Support the Local Economy

Tourism can either drain a community’s resources … or strengthen them. We want your vacation dollars to do the latter, which is why we strive to ensure the money you spend in a destination stays in the destination.

That means, whenever possible, choosing boutique hotels over big names, independent restaurants over flashy chains, and tour outfitters who hire locally instead of bringing in outsiders (bonus: no one knows the best hidden gems like a local).

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