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If you’re ready to explore beyond the well-trodden tourist path …

You’ve landed in the right place. At Winkaffe Global Travel, we design itineraries for travelers seeking atypical, offbeat, and downright transformative vacation experiences.

Let our well-connected experts send you to the awe-inspiring spots the locals love, show you how to see the “tourist sights” in more imaginative ways, and turn a trip into an
“I-can't-believe-this-is-happening!” adventure.

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Hi, I'm Kristin Winkaffe

I’m the type of traveler who’s always chasing after their next adventure—in fact, all that chasing has taken me to 55 countries (and counting!). After working in international development and volunteering across the globe, I’ve cultivated connections with passionate travel partners worldwide who believe that “extraordinary travel” starts with seeing a destination through a local’s eyes.

If you agree, I think you’re my kind of traveler—and I can’t wait to design an incredible itinerary for your next escape.

Founder of Winkaffe Global Travel



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A Kaleidoscope of Travel Possibilities 

From enriching cultural exchanges to guided excursions into scenic wilderness, expedition cruises to intimate & luxe couples’ escapes, we can craft the unique journey you’ve been yearning for:

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Travel You Can Feel Good About

It's the cornerstone of every WGT itinerary. And it's what makes your vacation more vibrant, intimate, and authentic.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainable travel and responsible tourism, and how that commitment allows you to give back while you get more out of your escape:


For us, “sustainable travel” isn’t just the latest trend

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